Idris Language

User Defined Types

A user defined type is constructed using the 'data' keyword.

The simplest form just lists the constructors.

data PrimaryColour = Red | Green | Blue

These type constructors can have parameters:

data Point2D = Pt Double Double

We can also use 'where' syntax:

data Point2D : Type where
   Pt  : Double -> Double -> Point2D

If we want to define Point types in 3 or more dimensions then, we could either repeat the definition

data Point : Nat ->Type where
   Nil : Point Z
   (::) : Double -> Point k -> Point (S k)

So, in the first case the type would just be referred to by name 'Point2D' in the second case the type name must always include a number 'Point 2'.

'Point', on its own is not a type, it might be known as a 'type constructor'.

Generic Data Types

A type that's parameterised over some other type (type depends on type).

Type is represented by variable name starting with lower case.

data Maybe valtype =
   Nothing | Just valtype


Idris Polymorphism

Implemented by interface.

This is a type spec which must be implemented by implementations of the interface.

Example Eq interface
A specific implementation:
Eq Colour where
  Red Red = True
  Blue Blue = True
  Green Green = True
  _ _ = False



(pattern match)

Parametric Polymorphism

Example: Functor

'Theorems for free' Reynolds abstraction Theorm

With Block

with block


metadata block
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