Elaborator Reflection in Idris

Elaborator Reflection allows user to write meta-programs. These are programs which generate programs. meta progam diagram
Idris uses a 'proof-theory-like' tactics language to convert Idris programs into a simpler type-theory known as TT syntax. meta progam diagram

Elaborator reflection allows this language to convert meta programs written by users into TT syntax.

For an embedded language example see this page.

TT syntax

t ::= c   (constant)
| x       (variable)
| b.t     (binding)
| t t     (application)
| T       (type constructor)
| D       (data constructor)

b::= λ x:t     (abstraction)
| let x->t :t   (let binding)
|for allx :t      (function space)

c::= Typei          (type universes)
| i                 (integer literal)
| str               (string literal)

Vector Addition Example

This is an example, from the paper of how Idris is elaborated into TT.

Idris TT
vAdd : Num a => Vect n a ->
          Vect n a -> Vect n a
vAdd Nil       Nil       = Nil
vAdd (x :: xs) (y :: ys) =
           x + y :: vAdd xs ys
vAdd : (a : Type)->(n:Nat)->Num a->
       Vect n a->Vect n a->Vect n a
var a:Type , c:Num a.
   vAdd a Z c (Nil a) (Nil a)->Nil a
var a:Type , k:Nat , c:Num a,
     x:a , xs:Vect k a , y:a , ys:Vect k a.
     vAdd a (S k) c ((::) a k x xs) ((::) a k y ys)
             -> ((::) a k ((+) c x y) (vAdd a k c xs ys))


Forward Deduction

We sometimes think of a deduction rule as starting from a set of things we know (premises) and leading to something we wish to prove (conclusion).

forward reasoning

Backward Deduction (Tactics)

When we are using a tactics system we start with what we want to prove (conclusion) and we go back to all the things we have to prove for that to be true (the premises).

backward reasoning

So in a tactics system we start with a goal (conclusion), then we reduce this to a set of sub-goals and so on.

Proof Tree

The proof tree can hold the tree of goals and sub-goals encoded as proof objects.

The complete proof tree can hold a theorem (or by Curry-Howard a program).

In proof assistants the proof tree is constructed, from an incomplete tree, by filling in the holes (unknown terms).

The nodes can be encoded as λ-terms or a collection of tactic calls. However λ-terms are not very good at holding holes (open terms) because they require extra (outside proof) information.

proof tree

Proof Monad

Add monadic structure to proof object to allow exra information to be held for holes.



A tactic is impemented by a function

TT -> List (TTName, TT) -> Tactic


Proof State

A proof state is a tuple (see Brady 2013) consisting of the following:

Identity Proof

identity proof

see here

Idris Top Level

idris top level

Elab Monad

The Elab monad holds a proof state inside, which has:

The following is Idris code from module Language.Reflection.Elab which is in libs->prelude.

elab implementation

The state is really held in the Haskell code.


Module : Idris.Elab.Term
Description : Code to elaborate terms.

    -- | Do a step in the reflected elaborator monad. The input is the
    -- step, the output is the (reflected) term returned.
    runTacTm :: Term -> ElabD Term
    runTacTm tac@(unApply -> (P _ n _, args))
      | n == tacN "Prim__Solve"
      = do ~[] <- tacTmArgs 0 tac args -- patterns are irrefutable
           -- because `tacTmArgs` returns lists of exactly the size
           -- given to it as first argument
      | n == tacN "Prim__Goal"
      = do ~[] <- tacTmArgs 0 tac args
           hs <- get_holes

elab haskell

Elaborator Code

Running elaborator from within Idris environment:
idNat : Nat -> Nat
idNat = %runElab (do intro `{{x}}
                     fill (Var `{{x}})

This uses the %runElab e declaration.

'e' has the type Elab ()

It adds:

generated by the Elab action generated by e to the context.

Haskell Code:

elaborator haskell code




idris data types


idris tt



Idris> :browse Language.Reflection.Elab.Tactics
  addImplementation : TTName -> TTName -> Elab ()
  apply : Raw -> List Bool -> Elab (List TTName)
  attack : Elab ()
  check : List (TTName, Binder TT) -> Raw -> Elab (TT, TT)
  claim : TTName -> Raw -> Elab ()
  compute : Elab ()
  converts : TT -> TT -> Elab ()
  convertsInEnv : List (TTName, Binder TT) -> TT -> TT -> Elab ()
  currentNamespace : Elab (List String)
  debug : Elab a
  debugMessage : List ErrorReportPart -> Elab a
  declareDatatype : TyDecl -> Elab ()
  declareType : TyDecl -> Elab ()
  defineDatatype : DataDefn -> Elab ()
  defineFunction : FunDefn Raw -> Elab ()
  fail : List ErrorReportPart -> Elab a
  fill : Raw -> Elab ()
  focus : TTName -> Elab ()
  forall : TTName -> Raw -> Elab ()
  gensym : String -> Elab TTName
  getEnv : Elab (List (TTName, Binder TT))
  getGoal : Elab (TTName, TT)
  getGuess : Elab TT
  getHoles : Elab (List TTName)
  getSourceLocation : Elab SourceLocation
  intro : TTName -> Elab ()
  intro' : Elab ()                                                                            
  isTCName : TTName -> Elab Bool                                                              
  letbind : TTName -> Raw -> Raw -> Elab ()                                                   
  lookupArgs : TTName -> Elab (List (TTName, List FunArg, Raw))                               
  lookupArgsExact : TTName -> Elab (TTName, List FunArg, Raw)                                 
  lookupDatatype : TTName -> Elab (List Datatype)                                             
  lookupDatatypeExact : TTName -> Elab Datatype                                               
  lookupFunDefn : TTName -> Elab (List (FunDefn TT))                                          
  lookupFunDefnExact : TTName -> Elab (FunDefn TT)                                            
  lookupTy : TTName -> Elab (List (TTName, NameType, TT))                                     
  lookupTyExact : TTName -> Elab (TTName, NameType, TT)                                       
  matchApply : Raw -> List Bool -> Elab (List TTName)                                         
  metavar : TTName -> Elab ()                                                                 
  normalise : List (TTName, Binder TT) -> TT -> Elab TT                                       
  operatorFixity : String -> Elab Fixity                                                      
  patbind : TTName -> Elab ()                                                                 
  patvar : TTName -> Elab ()                                                                  
  resolveTC : TTName -> Elab ()                                                               
  rewriteWith : Raw -> Elab ()                                                                
  runElab : Raw -> Elab () -> Elab (TT, TT)                                                   
  search : Elab ()                                                                            
  search' : Int -> List TTName -> Elab ()                                                     
  solve : Elab ()                                                                             
  sourceLocation : Elab ()                                                                    
  unfocus : TTName -> Elab ()                                                                 
  whnf : TT -> Elab TT                                                                        


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