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If you are interested in starting games programming here are some ideas and tutorials. Do you know which computer language you want to use? If so here are some tutorials for the following languages:

If you have not decided which language to use here are some ideas:

Other pages on this site which are relavent:


From my point of view it would be great if you could help me develop mjbWorld into a really good game programming environment. If you can see a way that you can help me improve it please let me know.

Other Free software


I find Blender not a very user friendly program, so again this may not be an environment for those new to programming. Also I don't use Blender because its not compatible with VRML and X3d.

It has something called GameBlender which allows you to program games using Python scripting.

cover The Official Blender Game Kit: Interactive for 3D Artists

External links:


If you want to program simple 2D games using Basic, this open source project is a possibility:

If you try this I would be interested to hear any reports about how good it is.

Commercial Games creation software

This type of software can help you get going very quickly, however there is a danger in learning programming from this software in that you could pick up bad programming habits which might be hard to unlearn later.

Dark Basic

This uses a BASIC like scripting language with command to load and move objects to make your game work. Microsoft DirectX (.X) 3D models can be loaded into your program.

Operating system Windows 98.

The Pro edition is much better than the standard. I think this would be a good choice for beginners. Comments from Giles here.

cover Dark Basic Professional Edition - It is better to get this professional edition

cover This is a version of basic designed for building games, for example to rotate a cube you might do the following:
make object cube 1,100
for x=1 to 360
rotate object 1,x,x,0
next x

cover Game Programming with Darkbasic - book for above software


This has more C++ like script language and therefore it may take longer to learn than Dark Basic but it can also be more powerful than Dark Basic. Please let me know if you have any experience using it. Microsoft DirectX (.X) 3D models can be loaded into your program.

Operating system: Windows 98

cover cover Blitz is based on BASIC programming language. Blitz Basic is 2D only, Blitz3D adds 3D commands.

3D Gamemaker

cover The 3D gamemaker - Allows simple 'shoot-em-up' type games to be built without any programming from the elements provided. You can use your own characters in the game, provided you can find a way to build them in Microsoft .X file format.

The 3D Gamemaker

3D Gamestudio

This has three levels of games creation:

  1. 'Click together' games in the level editor - for simple games, like shooters
  2. Program effects or games in C-script - for ambitious beginners
  3. Program effects or games in C++ or Delphi - for experienced programmers (this requires add on pack to be purchased plus separate compiler)

Game Programming Starter Kit 5.0 - This includes Standard edition of 3D Games studio Version 5 above (no Terrain and geometric LOD) and book

Div Games Studio 2

This is DOS based and would only be of interest for reto-gaming.

cover DIV Games Studio 2 adds 3D. DIV 2 uses a specially designed coding language, claims to require no previous knowledge of programming. Intended for RPG’s and 3D shoot’em ups. New features in DIV 2 include 3D with environment editor, network play and over 130 new commands.
Operating System: DOS.

Key Design Centre

cover Key Design Centre 3D

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