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So far this program is just experimental in that it is not yet ready for useful work.

The first stage of this project is to be able to use it as an IDE for FriCAS (which is a fork of the Axiom computer algebra system). The FriCAS/Axiom code is written in a language called SPAD. This is quite difficult to use with Eclipse/Xtext because program blocks are usually indicated by whitespace (pile mode). In order to allow us to parse SPAD I have written a 'front-end' to the parser which:

However whitespace is still significant, in that statements are not separated by semicolon ';' but require a new line, which makes the parser harder to write than it would otherwise be.

The code to do this runs when these files are read into the SPAD project (usually when the project is created). Therefore the user sees the code with these changes applied. I don't really know a practical way to undo these changes when the editing has been done and the program is saved.

As a second stage I would like to automatically convert these SPAD files into a different format based on Eclipse/Xtend which would be much easier to parse and work with.

euclideanspace program

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