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How to do Model to Model Mapping

This program contains two Xtext generated models (spad and euclid) and I don't know how to choose the best way to map between them (to convert a program in one model to a program in the other model)

euclideanspace program components

(this design is explained more fully on this page under 'Application Design' section).

Should I translate files between these two models using either:

I'm not sure what the criteria is for choosing between these methods but this things may be significant:

Does Not Yet Create 'source' Folders

The SPAD new project wizard has the option to initialise a file structure from SPAD source files. This creates two top level folders 'src' and 'src-gen'. These folders are created as ordinary local folders but the Xtext documentation says "Now simply create a new source folder src-gen in the that project and see how the compiler will pick up your sample Entities and generate Java code for them."

    public IFolder createFolder(String name,IFolder parent) {
	  IFolder folder = null;
	  try {
	    if (parent == null) {
	        //String folderFullPath = project.getStringProperty(INewJavaClassDataModelProperties.SOURCE_FOLDER);
	    	//folder = project.getFolder(new Path(folderFullPath));
	    	folder = project.getFolder(name);
	    else folder = parent.getFolder(name);
	    if (!folder.exists()) {
	      folder.create(false,true, null);
	    IPackageFragmentRoot srcRoot = project.getPackageFragmentRoot(folder);
	    IClasspathEntry[] oldEntries = project.getRawClasspath();
	    IClasspathEntry[] newEntries = new IClasspathEntry[oldEntries.length + 1];
	    System.arraycopy(oldEntries, 0, newEntries, 0, oldEntries.length);
	    newEntries[oldEntries.length] = JavaCore.newSourceEntry(srcRoot.getPath());
	    project.setRawClasspath(newEntries, null);
      } catch (CoreException e) {
	  return folder;
import org.eclipse.jdt.core.IPackageFragmentRoot;

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