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Here we look at some software projects and theory that relate mathematics and computation. Such as:


computation I tend to think of computation as some sort of machine (or person) that takes some input and uses it to produce some output.

This is like a mathematical function in that it always generates the same output for a given input (no side effects in Haskel parlance) so an example would be a sine function which generates the ratio of the opposite and hypotenuse for a given angle.

For computer theory we need to make this very general, a Turing machine can be looked at as either:

So the input/output could be anything including an infinite sequence.

Proof Assistants

More about mathematical proof on page here.


Some sites with introduction texts:



This is concerned with 'meaning' of programs as opposed to their syntax.

Operational Semantics

operational semantics The computations are modeled as a state with different types of command acting on that state.

There are two flavors of this big-step and small-step semantics,


This tends to be a recursive process of combining the commands.

For instance, in a program we might put one command after another separated by a semicolon. So we can compose commands in a sequence defined like this:

(c1,s1) => s2     (c2,s2) => s3
(c1;c2,s1) => s3
Sequence big-step sequence

An assignment (assign variable 'x' to value 'a') is more complicated because we need to do something inside the state, so this is like a second level:

(x:=a,s1) => s(x=a)
Assign big-step semantics assign

The 'if' statement depends on the state:

(val b,s1)     (c1,s1) => s2
(IF b THEN c1 ELSE c2,s1) => s2
IfTrue big step if
(¬ val b,s1)     (c1,s1) => s2
(IF b THEN c2 ELSE c1,s1) => s2
IfFalse big step if


small step operational semantics In addition to the state we hold the commands still to be executed. This allows us to model individual steps.

iterative process
Shows how to reduce program slightly

NP Hard



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