Maths - Horn Clause

It is useful, for certain types of reasoning, to have the things we know about a situation in the form of implications. For instance:

A -> B   A implies B

of even:

A /\ B /\ C -> D   A and B and C implies D

Deduction Using Implies

So if the following are true:

  • A -> B
  • B -> C
  • C -> D

then we can deduce:

A -> D

for example, by combining the implications (substituting).

Forward and Backward Chaining

Diagrams, such as the one above, give us a graphical guide.

As Meet and Join

We may need to express the implication in terms of meet and join ('or' and 'and') . To see how to do this lets look at a truth table for it:

A B A->B

Note: I've drawn the truth table as Boolean values but we can use constructive logic instead (law of excluded middle not required).































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