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I don't even know if anyone has worked out a model for homotopy type theory so this is not a serous attempt to implement HoTT in Idris. I am just trying to work through a simple example to try to get a feel for what the issues might be.

To get the simplest interesting type, start with a boolean type.
data MyBool = T | F
homotopy invarience There are two ways for terms of this type to be 'equal'. We could match T to T and F to F or T to F and F to T.
So here I have implemented these two 'equalities' as Id1 and Id2:
data Id1 : MyBool -> MyBool -> Type where
   Refl11 : Id1 T T
   Refl12 : Id1 F F
 data Id2 : MyBool -> MyBool -> Type where
   Refl21 : Id2 T F
   Refl22 : Id2 F T

These two equalities are not homotopically equivalent to each other because one cannot be continuously deformed into the other.

So we can now think about possible higher order equivalences between the equivalences.
data IdId : a -> b -> Type where
   Refl1' : IdId Id1 Id1
   Refl2' : IdId Id2 Id1
   Refl3' : IdId Id1 Id2
   Refl4' : IdId Id2 Id2

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