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What type of simulation would we use? danske has suggested some options here. Here are some options that I have thought of:

option pros cons
First person or plan view? Do we see the game from the point of view of the driver with the driving wheel, dashboard and view through the windscreen? First person makes the player feel more like they are driving the car.  
Render using OpenGL or DirectX or simulate by animating a 2D view?    
Model the physics or use simple rules?    
Use time step integration (as explained on this page) much simpler, current frame depends only on last frame and state information. Inaccuracies build up over time
Model all variable as a function of time    
Model the car as a rigid body   cant model damage caused by a crash
Model movement around the track   we need to constantly check for collision with barriers and other cars
Model engine and transmission Needed to generate sound output. Needed to accurately model the torque and therefore the acceleration available.  
Model the aerodynamics, wind resistance, etc.    
Model interaction with the road.    
Model friction    
Model Suspension using spring-mass-damper    

We can now look at how we might implement these things in more detail

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