3D Theory - Movement and Animation

These pages aim to show how 3D models can be animated.
Using physics to produce a 3D animation This uses the information from the physics pages to show practical algorithm to simulate a solid physical object by using discreet step integration
Storing physics information

How do we store this information, this page discusses two options:

Keyframing This page shows how to specify movement as a sequence of static 3D models.
Motion Capture This page shows how to capture keyframe information from live action
Particles This page talks about particle systems and how they can be used for special effects and to model smoke, gases and fluids
Collision Detection This page talks about how to detect collisions between solid objects. Collision response, what happens after the collision, is covered in the physics section.
Example As an example this shows how to animate a model of a hand.
h-anim (human animation) Shows how to generate a h-anim model

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cover The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Effects. This is a nice glossy colour book, it is for those starting out using 3D graphics programs rather than those who write them.

cover Permutation City. A science fiction book which suggests how virtual reality might evolve.

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cover Dark Basic Professional Edition - It is better to get this professional edition

cover This is a version of basic designed for building games, for example to rotate a cube you might do the following:
make object cube 1,100
for x=1 to 360
rotate object 1,x,x,0
next x

cover Game Programming with Darkbasic - book for above software

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