Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)

RCP Classes

The Rich Client Platform (RCP) provides a platform to run Eclipse plugins. This allows us to create an application with the extensible plug-in architecture of Eclipse itself. That is, an application which is not necessarily an IDE like Eclipse but allows plugins and so on.

Our RCP application can be constructed by Eclipse using these files:

plus the following java classes, that is we create our own classes (yellow) which override eclipse classes (green) :

eclipse rcp classes

The best way to create these classes is use Eclipse and create a new plug-in project as shown below.


Usually I use the 'Reporting' Eclipse package as it has web tools etc. For RCP we need the 'RCP/Plugin' package, I don't know the best way to get all these to my installation? In the end I downloaded the RCP/Plugin package and copied the 'plugins' and 'features' directories and merged them in with my existing eclipse install (usr/share/eclipse).

rcp install

Create RCP Project

There is a good tutorial at this site.

Open Eclipse and in the menu New -> Project











Adding Extensions

click on plugin.xml file.

Press the Add button to add each of the following extensions:


Creating Menu Options





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