Aldor is a newer language and compiler than SPAD. It was not made open and free at the same time as Axiom and there has been little recent development until it was released under an open source licence in 2013. Since that time activity seems to have reduced.

Differences between Aldor and SPAD

Therefore you might want to use Aldor if you need the more advanced language features but don't need the extensive library of algebras.

Getting and Running the Code

I don't have any personal experience of running Aldor. I understand there are two options:

IDE for Aldor

It would be good if there were an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Aldor. On these pages I am working on an IDE using Eclipse and Xtext. Further information about this:

Peter Broadbery is working on a separate Eclipse development environment for Aldor which I have described on page here. This does not use Xtext.

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