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From: "Douglas Coutts"
To: "Martin Baker"
Subject: NASA Standard Aeroplane Reference
Date: 10 May 2003 14:17


Thanks for the great site.

One book that I would be happy to buy though your site would be the NASA
document that you refer to for "NASA Standard Aeroplane" section of You
also mention it your correspondence with Wessam Bahnassi (which you
posted on your site). A used copy would be fine.

Do you have the document reference?




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From: "Martin.Baker"
To: "Douglas Coutts"
Subject: Re: NASA Standard Aeroplane Reference
Date: 10 May 2003 16:47

Hi Doug,

I would also like find some documentation about this standard, I don't even
know if it is published? So if you do find it please let me know where it is

The only place I have found it mentioned is in the paperback version of the
following book (the paperback version does not seem to be in print at the
moment). Here is the hardcopy version:
It is only really mentioned on one page, this is a really good table which
compares common euler angle transformations (assuming that its the same as
the issue that I have).
Otherwise I found it quite a useful book but heavy going and it seems to do
things differently than I'm used to, for instance instead of quaternions it
seems to use 'euler parameters' which are not Euler Angles but different
notation for quaternions..
So you probably don't want to buy it just for one page!


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