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cover This book is more for newcomers to 3D programming. Assumes a knowlage of Java, Introduces the 3D concepts, such as Scene Graph along with the Java3D classes.

cover Java3D Programming - Aimed at intermediate to experienced Java developers, previous experience in graphics programming would be useful. Takes you through the data stuctures, nodes and concepts used in Java3D with practical issues based on the authors experience of working on Java3D.

cover This is about designing the architecture of a 3D program and its interface, it assumes you already know Java and Java3D. So this is not a step-by-step programming book, its about the top level design, ie Patterns, techniques and framework for Java3D (code at

cover Java 1.4 Game Programming - This is a new book I have not seen it yet, it looks like it is trying to cover a broard subject area.

cover This book introduces 3D concepts, VRML, Java3D, MPEG4/BIFS, and X3D. It is a very good introduction to the theory, The writers have an in depth knowledge due to their involvement in the standards making. This is a good book to help you choose which 3D open standards to use and to give you a good insight into these standards. It is probably not for those who want a basic introduction to 3D or for these who want a step-by-step programming in 3D book.

cover This is the reference book for java3D, it is available online, see link above. However if you are doing a lot of programming you really need to be able to pick up and browse a real book.

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