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Subscription Option - Charging information

This facility allows the network to send to the DTE information about the charge for that call and/or other information which makes it possible for the user to calculate the charge.

This information is sent in the clear request or clear accepted packets.

If the DTE is the DTE to be charged, the DTE can request the charging information facility on a per call basis by means of an appropriate facility request in a call request or call accepted packet.

If a DTE subscribes to the charging information for a contractual period, the facility is in effect, whenever the DTE is the DTE to be charged, without sending this facility.

UK(a) - uses non-standard facility field codeing.

UK(b) - not supported.

X.2 LEVEL 3 PER USER SUBSCRIPTION X.2 (1984) UK(a) UK(b) interworking
OPTIONS REF CLASS now now R5a R5b R6
Charging information................ 1.22 A p . . . .

| Charging information................| 1.22 A | | | . | . | . | . | | #


&UKa& = yUKa support

DX1: no, UKa charging information only

DX2: yes

TP4/III: ?

UKa already support their own version of this facility (following the local options marker).

From release 4, users can subscribe to either or both the UKa or the CCITT versions of charging information.

UKa do not support monetary unit or distance

Supports one tariff period only. Support of more than one tariff period is not possible because no mechanism exists for setting the time of day clock in the TP4/II

table build questions:

TNDTED Q162(was q46 ) clear charging information (YES/NO)

|TNDTED Q162| q46 | clear charging information..........#default NO

if set to YES network will send UKa charging at the end of a call.

TNDTED Q117(was q9 ) 1984 charging facilities (YES/NO)

|TNDTED Q117| q9 | 1984 charging facilities............#default NO

This question determines whether a DTE should receive CCITT charging information facilities. If the DTE is to receive these facilities, the network will include call duration and segment count information in the clear indication or clear confirmation packets that are sent to the DTE. The information, in binary coded digits (BCD), will be transmitted to the DTE only when the DTE is charged for the call.

new for release 4

We need to test out all combinations of UKa charging and CCITT charging.

We need to test out all combinations of charging subscription and charging requesting facility.

&UKb& = yUKb support

SVC: no - future implementation planned

PVC: n/a

Currently Public Network Supports a Non-CCITT version of charging information.

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