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From: Norman Hettinger
To: Martin Baker
Subject: Java Compilers
Date: 25 November 2002 00:28

Martin, I am teaching a high school course on programming. I need to get
some information regarding Java complilers. Can I get a free one for use
in my class which will allow me to demonstrate relatively simple code
used in "Programming Basics using Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, HTML and
Java" published by Thomson Learning. I am using NT4.0 workstations with
Office 97 with an NT 4 Server using service pack 6

Your reply would be appreciated.


Norman Hettinger

From: Martin Baker
To: Norman Hettinger
Subject: Re: Java Compilers
Date: 25 November 2002 11:25


There is a command line compiler with the Sun SDK, if you don't already have
this it is at:
click on the SDK version on the right.

But this is a command line version run from the DOS window, If you want a
more user friendly GUI programming environment there are a lot available,
some of which have free versions, such as, Borlands jbuilder personal and
IBMs eclipse:

However, these are resource hugrary programs, specially memory. So they may
not run on your system. They are also very large so you may need a fast link
to download them.

I am sure there are many other Java compilers, which may be more suitable
for you, but I dont have any expreience of them. Perhaps it might be best to
ask on some of the newsgroups such as:


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