Eclipse Buckminster

On this page we use buckminster to build and release the project.

Install Buckminster

First add the software repository for Buckminster, which is,

(I assume this is for the Luna version but the website seems very out-of-date and does not actually say this)

Install Buckminster

From this repository I loaded the core, buckminster and Git support features:

Install Buckminster

Plugin Buckminster Project

Create a feature project:

New->other->plug-in development->Feature project


Use Xtext Buckminster Wizard

Because I wanted to include Xtext projects I ran the Xtext buckminster wizard for these projects:

In Eclipse click on file->new and select 'Build Xtext with Buckminster' under other->Xtext->Continuous Integration. buckminster 1
The 'matching items' window is initially blank but typing a few letters into the top line brings up the options: buckminster 2
I left this page with default values and clicked on finish. buckminster 3

Build p2 Repository

Right click on the site directory and goto buckminster->Invoke action.

Select site.p2 or, and click OK. This creates a p2 repository.


Install from p2 Repository

In help->Install New Software.

Since I am using a local repositry I needed to add that repositry:


It seems best to uncheck 'Group items by category'



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