EGIT - Importing a Project from Github to Eclipse

On this page we look at how to import a project from Github and put it into Eclipse on your own local computer.

File -> New -> Other -> Git -> Git Repository

Then click on Next

github to eclipse
Because the repository does not already exist on our local computer we create it as a bare repository. github to eclipse
We are now ready to import the repository. Go to File -> Import and select: 'Projects from Git' github to eclipse

Select 'Clone URI'

click on 'next'

github to eclipse

In a browser goto the repository that you want to import and copy its URI. In this case:

github to eclipse
paste this URI into the URI: line. The Host: and Repository path entries will be set automaticaly and the Protocol: will be set to 'https' so there is no need to enter anything else. Just click 'Next'. github to eclipse
Select branch. In this case 'master' is the only option. github to eclipse
I left all this at the default values. github to eclipse
Object information starts to be recieved github to eclipse
When complete click on next. github to eclipse
All projects are pre-selected so click on finish. github to eclipse


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