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Determinants are explained here:


The value of the determinant for a 3×3 matrix is:

det = m11 m22 m33 + m12 m23 m31 + m13 m21 m32 - m11 m23 m32 - m12 m 21 m33 - m13 m22 m31

The following calculator allows you to calculate the determinant for a 3×3 matrix. Enter the values into the matrix and then press "calc det ->" to display the result:


   // assumes matrix indices start from 0 (0,1 and 2)
   public double determinant() {
      double value =
      m00*m11*m22 + m01*m12*m20 + m02*m10*m21 - m00*m12*m21 - m01*m10*m22 - m02*m11*m20;
      return value;

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