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flag flag flag flag flag flag Clifford Algebras and Spinors (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note S.)  
Pertti Lounesto. This is very complex subject matter, however there is a lot of explanations and it is not all proofs like some mathematical textbooks. The book has a lot of information about the relationship between Clifford Algebras and Hypercomplex Algebras.


flag flag flag flag flag flag Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus: A Unified Language for Mathematics and Physics (Fundamental Theories of Physics). This book is intended for mathematicians and physicists rather than programmers, it is very theoretical. It covers the algebra and calculus of multivectors of any dimension and is not specific to 3D modelling.


flag flag flag flag flag flag Geometric Algebra for Physicists - This is intended for physicists so it soon gets onto relativity, spacetime, electrodynamcs, quantum theory, etc. However the introduction to Geometric Algebra and classical mechanics is useful.


flag flag flag flag flag flag Geometric Algebra for Computer Science: An Object-oriented Approach to Geometry. This book stresses the Geometry in Geometric Algebra, although it is still very mathematically orientated. Programmers using this book will need to have a lot of mathematical knowledge. Its good to have a Geometric Algebra book aimed at computer scientists rather than physicists. There is more information about this book here.
flag flag flag flag flag flag Contemporary Abstract Algebra written by Joseph Gallian - This investigates algebra (Groups, Rings, Fields) using an abstract (set theory) approach. It is very readable for such an abstract topic but the inclusion of 1 page histories of the great mathematicians and other background information.

cover us uk de jp fr ca On Quaternions and Octonions

cover us uk de jp fr ca Quaternions and Rotation Sequences.

cover us uk de jp fr caVisualizing Quaternions by Andrew J. Hanson

cover Introduction to Lie Algebras (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) (Paperback)
cover Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Some of Their Applications (Paperback)
cover Lie Groups: Beyond an Introduction (Hardcover)
cover Lie Groups: An Approach through Invariants and Representations (Universitext) (Paperback).
cover Lie Groups for Pedestrians.

coverus uk de jp fr ca Complex Numbers

cover Engineering Mathematics - This book has been going for a long time and it is now in its 5th edition, so it is tried and tested.

cover us uk de jp fr ca Matrix Computations


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cover 3D Math Primer - Aimed at complete beginners to vector and matrix algebra.

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