EuclideanSpace - Further Reading

cover 3D Game Creation - Includes 2 ready to use game engines, not much theory.

cover If you are interested in 3D games, this looks like a good book to have on the shelf. If, like me, you want to have know the theory and how it is derived then there is a lot for you here. Including - Graphics pipeline, scenegraph, picking, collision detection, bezier curves, surfaces, key frame animation, level of detail, terrain, quadtrees & octtrees, special effects, numerical methods. Includes CDROM with code.

cover I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? I would also be interested to hear if there are any other books that may be of interest to readers of this page.

cover Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming - continues on from Learn Linux 3-D Graphics with more concepts. Lots more about blender - see comments about previous book.

cover AI Application Programming.

cover AI Game Engine Programming. - The book provides the knowlage and techniques needed to create an AI engine.

cover Ant: The Java Build Tool in Practice.

cover The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Effects. This is a nice glossy colour book, it is for those starting out using 3D graphics programs rather than those who write them.

cover I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? I would also be interested to hear if there are any other books that may be of interest to readers of this page.

cover BSD Sockets Programming from a multi-language perspective. Begins by detailing effective uses of the BSD sockets API for networked application development, and then investigates the API from a variety of language perspectives. The book concludes by discussing a set of software patterns for each language.

cover Building Parsers with Java - Contains parser toolkit, diagrams use UML. This book may be useful if you want to write code for reading languages such as VRML.

flag flag flag flag flag flag Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus: A Unified Language for Mathematics and Physics (Fundamental Theories of Physics). This book is intended for mathematicians and physicists rather than programmers, it is very theoretical. It covers the algebra and calculus of multivectors of any dimension and is not specific to 3D modelling.


cover Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments by Gino van den Bergen.

cover Principles of Digital Communication systems and computer networks. - Designed as a textbook for courses on digital communication systems, data communication, computer networks and mobile computing.

coverus uk de jp fr ca Complex Numbers

cover Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer Vision by Emanuele Trucco, Alessandro Verri


cover This book introduces 3D concepts, VRML, Java3D, MPEG4/BIFS, and X3D. It is a very good introduction to the theory, The writers have an in depth knowledge due to their involvement in the standards making. This is a good book to help you choose which 3D open standards to use and to give you a good insight into these standards. It is probably not for those who want a basic introduction to 3D or for these who want a step-by-step programming in 3D book.

cover The Art of C++.

cover Inside C# Book/CD Package - Covers the language, streams, numerical processing, metadata, documentation with XML.

cover C# in a Nutshell - A good reference for language and class framework

cover Professional C# 2nd Edition - Mainly aimed at programming for servers. Language and windows services, covers ADO, COM+, graphics, registrary , asp, etc.

cover C# Programmers Reference - A language reference not much on class framework.

cover A Practical Guide to Curl.

cover Curves and Surfaces for CAGD

cover Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling: Theory and Algorithms

cover Open Source Development with CVS - There is also a free e-book about CVS availible

cover CVS Pocket Reference

cover Dark Basic Professional Edition - It is better to get this professional edition

cover This is a version of basic designed for building games, for example to rotate a cube you might do the following:
make object cube 1,100
for x=1 to 360
rotate object 1,x,x,0
next x

cover Game Programming with Darkbasic - book for above software

cover Developing 3D Games Using Linux - I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? I would also be interested to hear if there are any other books that may be of interest to readers of this page.

cover Digital Image Processing Using Java - Covers some 2D but not Java Advanced Imaging, most of the book is about the concepts, such as, colour enhancement, filtering, fourier, affine transforms.

cover Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX 9 and C# (Net Developer)

cover DirectX 9 Graphics Programmers Guide

cover NET Game Programming with DirectX 9.0

cover Div, Grad, Curl and All That: An Informal Text on Vector Calculus

Do 3D

cover Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems - I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? I would also be interested to hear if there are any other books that may be of interest to readers of this page.

cover Engineering Mechanics - Includes Statics book and dynamics book below..

cover Engineering Mechanics Vol 2: Dynamics - Gives theory for rigid dynamics, aims to allow prediction of effects of force and motion. Includes rotating frame of reference. Lots of colour diagrams, I guess its college / University level.

cover Classical Dynamics : A Contemporary Approach

cover Computational Dynamics

There is also an e-book (Adobe Reader) version available

cover Concepts of Force: A Study in the Foundations of Dynamics

cover Flexible Multibody Dynamics: A Finite Element Approach


cover Dynamic Simulations of Multibody Systems

Dynamics of Systems of Rigid Bodies

cover The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse.


cover Engineering Mathematics - This book has been going for a long time and it is now in its 5th edition, so it is tried and tested.

cover Ethereal Packet Sniffing.

cover Executable UML - Covers compiler issues but no code

cover Executable UML - concentrates on patterns

cover Feynman lectures on Physics 3 volume set.


cover 3D Graphics File Formats: A Programmer's Reference


cover An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics


cover I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? I would also be interested to hear if there are any other books that may be of interest to readers of this page.

cover Focus on Curves and Surfaces

cover Sliding Friction: Physical Principles and Applications (Nanoscience and Technology)

cover Patterns in Game Design. - Gives aspiring game developers with the tools they need to really understand how games are made.Provides a method for discussing game play.

cover Game Design for Teens.

cover Game Physics - This book has some useful stuff, its more of a textbook, not a step by step guide (although it does have a disc with a lot of C++ code). About the first third of the book is a physics textbook with theoretical exercises, the middle bit covers physics engine topics, and the last third of the book covers mathematical topics. I think I would use this book as a reference book to lookup the theory behind something I might be working on rather than a book to work through in order.

cover Game Programming All in One - If you are using Visual C++ and direct 3D this book claims to teach you all you need to start to write games (does not use managed C++)

cover Elementary Game Programming and Simulators using jamagic - this is a commercial program with a scripting laguage for quickly developing games

cover Game Programming for Teens.

cover Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 - This is quite a small book but it has good concise information with subjects like, maths introduction and picking.

cover Game Programming Gems - Lots of concepts + code - Includes design techniques, Maths, Improving speed, AI, Polygonal techniques, Pixel effects (4 pages on quaternions, nothing on collision detection and response)

cover Game Programming Gems 2 - More on the topics above, includes audio, still nothing on collision)

cover Developing Games in Java

cover Programming Believable Characters for computer games - tutorial based approach. Looks at AI tasks for developing artificial gaming companions and opponents with human-like complex behaviors.

cover Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics...

cover Applied Geometry for Computer Graphics...

cover Geometry for Computer Graphics:...


cover The Geometry of Physics : An Introduction

cover Online GIS and Spatial Metadata.


cover Graphics Gems - Lots of useful algorithms and snippets of theory - These are reference books rather than books you read from cover to cover. If you can afford it they are worth having on the shelf (I wish I could!) They might just solve a problem which could otherwise take days to work out.

cover Graphics Gems II

cover Graphic Gems III: IBM Version (with diskette)

cover Graphics Gems IV: IBM Version (with Diskette)

cover Graphics Gems V: IBM Version (with disk)


cover Graphics Programming with Java 2nd edition. Mostly 2D, only covers 3D in chapter 20 right at the end. Some introduction to Java programming and lots of information about Java2D so could be good if you are starting out with graphics programming.

cover Modern Graph Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 184)


cover Grays Anatomy of the Human Body

cover Building a Digital Human.

cover 3D Human Modeling and Animation.

cover Imperfect C++.

cover Internet and World Wide Web How to program.

cover Java 1.4 Game Programming - This is a new book I have not seen it yet, it looks like it is trying to cover a broard subject area.


cover Beginning Java 2 SDK 1.4 Edition - A good book for learning java


cover Java 2 Game Programming - Contains 2D game development engine

cover This is the reference book for java3D, it is available online, see link above. However if you are doing a lot of programming you really need to be able to pick up and browse a real book.

cover This book is more for newcomers to 3D programming. Assumes a knowlage of Java, Introduces the 3D concepts, such as Scene Graph along with the Java3D classes.

cover Java3D Programming - Aimed at intermediate to experienced Java developers, previous experience in graphics programming would be useful. Takes you through the data stuctures, nodes and concepts used in Java3D with practical issues based on the authors experience of working on Java3D.

cover This is about designing the architecture of a 3D program and its interface, it assumes you already know Java and Java3D. So this is not a step-by-step programming book, its about the top level design, ie Patterns, techniques and framework for Java3D (code at

cover This reference does not cover the extensions such as java-media and java3D, but it is useful reference for other Java class libraries needed to build your program in Java - Note this is a reference only, it wont teach you to program in Java.

cover Java and XSLT - Covers XSLT processing using Java servlets for building web applications.


cover Art of Java

cover Practical Java Game Development. Case studies from existing Java game projects. Written for Java programmers new to game development.

cover Java Graphics Programming Library - Library of Java code for shapes and concepts, mostly 2D but covers polygons & 3D polar coordinates. Not sure how useful this is if you are using Java2D and Java3D.

cover Java - How To Program. This is a very comprehensive book, starting at the beginning and going through to advanced java capabilities. It covers Java 6.0, software is included on CD and the book is in colour.

cover Java I/O (The Java Series).

cover I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? I would also be interested to hear if there are any other books that may be of interest to readers of this page.

cover Java Reflection in Action.

cover JBuilder - There is also a free version of Jbuilder at borland website . However its licence conditions are quite restrictive so you may prefer another java IDE.

cover Charlie Calvert's Learn JBuilder 7

cover Borland JBuilder Developer's Guide

cover Key Design Centre 3D



flag flag flag flag flag flag Deep Down Things: The Breathtaking Beauty of Particle Physics - If you dont want any equations then this is a good and readable introduction to quantum theory and related mathematics such as Lie groups, Gauge Theory, etc.






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