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Sun Java 3D API code and documentation for the Java 3D software
Sun Java 3D information news, training, etc.
Sun Java 3D Revision History notes to reviewers for latest version
Sun Java 3D online documentation Sun Java 3D online documentation

IBM Java Developer Website

The IBM Java Developer Website is dedicated to supporting the Java developer. It consists of FREE on-line Java courses, articals, jCentral search engine and frequestly asked questions as well as other information to support and promote Java. javalobby Foundation Applications
Unofficial Java3D Repository: Unofficial Java3D Repository:
Introduction to programming with Java3D Introduction to programming with Java3D
VRML Java3D working Group VRML Java3D working Group
The specification for VRML97. The specification for Java 3D The Sun Java page. (Gamelan).
Listing of this program in Listing of this program in a good Java resource.
Listing of this program in JARS Listing of this program in JARS IBM Java Directory
URN Java classes  
details on URNs in relation to UMEL  
Java Package Guidelines proposal  
Java 3D FAQ Java 3D FAQ
Java News Network  
NCSA Portfolio New Loaders, record and replay of your Java 3D apps, take JPEG pictures of your Canvas, and more! Freely available for non-commercial use! RADIANCE is UNIX freeware for lighting design and rendering, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Swiss federal government, copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California.

AERO - A Physically Based Simulation and Animation System

(UNIX - written in C)

Java3D Loader Archive

centralization of information on Java 3D loaders and shapes.

jdk 1.2 docs NURBS An unofficial implementation of the j3D API

lists by subject

3D models list of sites with 3D models
2D imaging  
Mesh reduction  
Java Complilers list of Java tools to use with Java 3d
Maps & Landscape  
Modelling Biologial Systems  


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cover This is the reference book for java3D, it is available online, see link above. However if you are doing a lot of programming you really need to be able to pick up and browse a real book.


cover This reference does not cover the extensions such as java-media and java3D, but it is useful reference for other Java class libraries needed to build your program in Java - Note this is a reference only, it wont teach you to program in Java.



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