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29 August 2005

mjbWorld 6.00. update to java version which now uses Java5 (JRE1.5 or JDK1.5). This has many bug fixes and better type checking by using generics and enums.

28 July 2004

C++ version of mjbWorld put on sourceforge. The conversion work has been done by slimb, this version is not yet stable as he has not yet fully debugged it.

28 July 2004

new project started- kontent - Local Content Management System, version Alpha 0.1 here.

10 July 2004

new project started- xes - XML encoded source - program to encode source code, version Alpha 0.1 here.

24 March 2004

Version 5.23

Here is a list of all the classes that have changed.

28 February 2004

Version 5.22

Here is a list of all the classes that have changed.

17 January 2004

Version 5.21

Here is a list of all the classes that have changed.

5 December 2003

Version 5.20

Here is a list of all the classes that have changed.

18 November 2003

Version 5.19

Some bug fixes to 3D window

Here is a list of all the classes that have changed.

29 October 2003

Version 5.18

20 August 2003

Version 5.17

JOGL is a thin wrapper for OpenGL, it allows OpenGL to be called from Java. Unlike Java3d it does not have code for modelling the scenegraph so mjbWorld now has to do all that itself. This means that some things, such as textures, wont be seen in the 3D window until I can implement them fully within the program. The advantage of this change is that you are not forced to do the Java3D download and install in order to run the program.

For more information about JOGL see https://jogl.dev.java.net/source/browse/jogl/doc/userguide/

5 August 2003

I am using a new domain http://www.euclideanspace.com in addition to the original domain http://www.martinb.com. It does not matter which one you use, its just for the following technical reasons: my traffic started to go beyond the 3gb per month limit and my old host was a 'legacy account' and they would not give me a smooth way to cutover to an account which allowed more traffic. I therefore found it easier to start a new account with a new web host and a new domain name, I plan to keep the two going in parallel and to split the traffic between them. If I need to change to a new host in the future this should make it easier.

19 May 2003

Version 5.16 .NET version issued.

Improvements to user interface.

10 March 2003

Version 5.15 version issued.

Java version Changes

1) now loads xml/x3d files using SAX package. I have decided not to use DOM. For more information about the issues here

.Net version changes

1) Improvements to xml/x3d loading similar to Java version.
2) now supplied as a .msi file which installs the program.

2 January 2003

Version 5.14 version issued.

Java version Changes

20 August 2002

Version 5.13 version issued.Version 5.13 - bug fixes

Java version Changes

.NET version changes

2 August 2002

Version 5.12 of .NET version issued.

Still a lot of bugs in the .NET version, but I'm gradually working through them

25 July 2002

Version 5.12 of Java version issued.

.NET version to follow.

17 July 2002

I have added a .NET version of the program. This uses a similar structure and user interface to the Java version, although the source code for the two versions are not dependent on each other in any way, so you can choose one and ignore the other. The NET version is not yet fully debugged, it is written in managed C++, I have put it online in case anyone can help me develop it.

24 June 2002

I have started to change the Web pages, from being frames based, to having a navigation banner on each page. While I am changing over, some pages may have two banners, sorry about that. Hopefully, when I've finished, navigation of the site should be easier, especially for people who reach the site from a search engine rather than from the home page.

15 June 2002

Amazon links added - Until now I have resisted banner adverts, but links to relevant books and software could be useful to people and it is not too obtrusive.

22 March 2002

Version 5.11 issued.

5 February 2002

Version 5.10 issued.

21 November 2001

I have put the source code on SourceForge

27 October 2001

Version 5.09 issued.

General bug fix release

4th September 2001

Version 5.08 issued.

Fixes some of the bugs that Rolf found as follows:

>batchfile included in the downloaded zip file
I have changed the jdk1.3 batchfile as you suggested. (I find the distribution issues with java3d very difficult, I would like to find a way to distribute the program which is easier for users who are not familiar with java and classpaths etc.)

I have fixed a bug in the program, previously files with normal coordinates, but not texture coordinates, was not read correctly.

>Canvas3D: GraphicConfiguration is not compatible with Canvas3D
I have changed the program so that it does not generate this error.

>warning: setTextureCoordinates(int,float[]) in javax.media.j3d.GeometryArray
>has been deprecated
I have not changed this yet (these are only warnings and will not stop the program running). The problem is that if I change this then it will not be backwards compatible with Java3D 1.1.

> a blank white frame was opened
There was a bug which is now fixed where, if a 3D window is not open, when an export to Java3d is done, then a viewplatform would not be generated. There was also another bug with Java3d export of IndexedFaceSet which got introduced recently and is now fixed.

25 August 2001

Version 5.07 issued.

25 August 2001

Version 5.06 issued.

12 August 2001

Version 5.05 issued.

27 July 2001

Version 5.04 issued.

1 July 2001

Version 5.03 issued.

Here is another version, this time I have made some improvements to ImageTexture

The program now checks each string in MFString url, for each of these strings the program tries it:
1) as an absolute file path
2) relative to the current users working directory.
3) relative to the last directory used by a load or save file dialog in mjbWorld.
In other words, it tries each of these for the first string, then for the second string, and so on.

As soon as it finds a valid file it loads that as a texture.

In the test that I have done works OK, however there are some issues about the way that it displays, Java3D expects the width and height of the texture field to be a power of 2 (2,4,8,16,32...) so currently the program clips the dimension to the nearest power. Also I think the mapping may be different because in mjbWorld_logo the texture only appears on one side of the sphere, therefore there may be some differences between Java3D and VRML. Therefore more work is needed on the texture node.

30 June 2001

Version 5.02 issued.

I have put version 5.02 on the website with the following changes:

  1. I have fixed a problem where some MF... parameters including MFColor did not read single values not inside [] brackets. This is what was causing the problem when reading background node. (when writing single values these parameters always use [] brackets, do you think I should not output brackets for single values, also unnecessary trailing comma?).
  2. I have split the Save menu option into separate Save, SaveAs and SaveEvents menu options, so all those extra questions have now been removed.
  3. I have made the directory commands independent of the OS. Things like C:/ are no longer embedded in the code, instead it picks up the current working directory from the system properties.
  4. I have stopped the misleading error message: shape3dBean.buildRenderGraph java.lang.NullPointerException, although textures still do NOT work.

26 June 2001

Version 5.01 issued.

  1. Allows parameter name to be prefixed with 'set_' when events are ROUTEed
    to it.
  2. No longer allows editing of node name directly in tree window.
  3. Fix bug when SFNode is defined in a PROTO (previously h-anim PROTOs
    generated errors)

20 June 2001

Version 5.00 issued.

20 April 2001

Version 4.00 issued.

15 Mar 2001

Version 3.33 issued. fixes bugs reported by MUFTI,

12 Mar 2001

Version 3.32 issued. Changes are:

8 October 2000

Version 3.31 issued. Changes are:

3 October 2000

Version 3.30 issued. Changes are:

19 Sept 2000

Version 3.29 issued. Changes are:

4 June 2000

Version 3.28 issued. Changes are:

29 May 2000

Version 3.27 issued. Changes are:

21 May 2000

Version 3.26 issued. Changes are:

7 May 2000

Version 3.25 issued. Changes are:

14 Apr 2000

Version 3.16 issued.

incorporating feedback from Tobin,

* 1st time go to open file dialog and select .wrl. Open a file. Now go to open file dialog again and .wrl should be default, but it's not
- In release 3.16 I've made 'wrl' the default for open and save, in the next release it will remember if you use something different.

* 'Export java3d source' file menu option opens file dialog bug does not default to .java extension
- fixed in release 3.16

* Click 'export java3d source' menu option, then hit cancel, throws exception "mjbFrame.writeJava error: java.lang.NullPointerException"
- fixed in release 3.16

* When you click on a folder, file dialog should say "open" and not "save"--misleads user
- I dont see this with the version of JDK that I'm using, I've changed it to explicitly request 'open' rather than relying on open to be the default - does this fix it?

* file extension is not auto-added to filename, user must type it
- fixed in release 3.16

* Loading a file twice corrupts the existing scene graph instead of closing previous file and opening new file
- fixed in release 3.16

* Have the filename visible somewhere on the interface--along top frame bar
- fixed in release 3.16

* Add a "close file" option to the file menu
- fixed in release 3.16

* when doing java export, need to use mjbOutput.java as filename.
- no change in this release, I am planning to make classname change to match the filename in a future release.

* compiler warning that setTextureCoordinates and setTextureCoordinateIndices are deprecated.
- no change in this release, I will update to follow latest java3d spec at a future release.

* File compiled but would not run with error "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mjbOutput (wrong name : mjbOutput/mjbOutput)
- I'll look into this.

* Keep losing my 3d view when I add new components. I Just tried removing the background from shape.wrl and then adding a new background in its place, and the 3D view is then shot.
- I cant reproduce this, can you give me more information on the version of JDK and Java3d that you are using, and exactly what you did.


4 Apr 2000

Version 3.14 issued. Changes are:

7 Mar 2000

Version 3.13 issued. Changes are:

28 Feb 2000

Version 3.12 issued. Changes are:

1 Jan 2000

Improved documentation, including A-Z index and theory section

30 Nov 1999

Version beta 3.11 issued. Introduced Blob which implements non-rigid shapes.

23 Nov 1999

Version beta 3.10 issued. Improvements to read faster.

26 July 1999

Version beta 3.08 issued. General improvements to behaviors, Mesh editor now works properly, try selecting mesh editor for indexed face set.

19 July 1999

Version beta 3.07 issued. A version with JPython scripting

24 June 1999

Version beta 3.06 issued. Added file menu to save to X3D format. Also fix to bug when switching to 2 pane screen.

9 June 1999

Version beta 3.05 issued. Tidy up code for mfcolor and colorBean.

8 June 1999

Animating a hand tutorial added

7 June 1999

Version beta 3.04 issued. Improved Save file - prompts when program closed and now saves timeSensor, Route properly.

1 June 1999

Version beta 3.03 issued. bug fix - draws box correct size.

28 May 1999

Version beta 3.02 issued. If numeric parameters are longer than the text field you now see the most significant digits.

26 May 1999

Version beta 3.01 issued. Bug fix with dragging node + improvements to graphics

24 May 1999

Version beta 3.00 issued. Now displays Tree pane, Properties pane and 3D canvas at the same time.

17 May 1999

Version beta 2.04 issued. Changes made for Java3D 1.1.1 - required j3dutil.jar to be in classpath

14 May 1999

Version beta 2.03 issued. Supports TimeSensor and Interpolators

5 May 1999

Version beta 2.01 issued. Improved reading of VRML2 files, It should be a lot more resilient now, There is still more work to do specially on PROTOs and behaviors, but it should now read most files, I would appreciate copies or links to any VRML2 files that don't work properly to help me fix remaining bugs.

13 April1999

Version beta 2.00 issued. I have split off the core functionality into a separate bean (mjbModel) Not many changes to mjbWorld itself but, if you don't want the full program, you have an alternative to use the bean in your own program

5 March 1999

Version beta 1.02 issued. This includes the following Improvements.

21 Feb 1999

Version beta 1.01 issued. This contains large improvements to all input/output and graphical editing.

6 Feb 1999

New import/export options as follows:

file type extension read / import support write / export support
VRML 2 .wrl yes yes
Wavefront .obj yes yes
Java3d Source .java no yes
MetaCreations .vtx yes no

To use different file types just use the normal Open or Save dialog. The filetype will depend only on the filename extension (ie the characters following the dot) that you use.

19 Jan 1999

Can now load '.OBJ' files - Just hit the Open/Load button/menu as for a VRML file. In the file dialog, if you select a file with a .OBJ extension it will be assumed to be a Wavefront OBJ file.

Improved the way that that mouse drags work, now work correctly, even when under transform groups.

Can now move the slider between the Tree and Canvas3d (Thanks to Mitch for letting me know about it and sending me the fix). Still not quite right, sometimes the east-west cursor does not disappear. We believe this is due to putting a heavyweight control (Canvas3d) inside a lightweight control.

8 Jan 1999

Fixed problems with tree control, insert, cut, paste, etc. now work properly.

Also geometry information now displayed in JTable control.

Also many other fixes and improvements.

9 Dec 1998

Tested using Java3D 1.1 (final). Works fine, no changes required.

7 Dec 1998

program modified for JDK1.2 (final). This involved a change of location for the Swing classes from




24 Nov 1998

fixed bugs in mouse movement.

4 Nov 1998

8 Sept 1998

21 Aug 1998

10 Aug 1998

7 Aug 1998 - Comparison of Publicly available Java/VRML editors

6 Aug 1998 - Support for Java3D beta 1

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