cover The MathML Handbook - for people interested in working with mathematics on the web.

cover Xml Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps.

cover BSD Sockets Programming from a multi-language perspective. Begins by detailing effective uses of the BSD sockets API for networked application development, and then investigates the API from a variety of language perspectives. The book concludes by discussing a set of software patterns for each language.

cover TCP/IP Application Layer Protocols for embedded systems.

cover The Linux TCP/IP Stack: Networking for embedded systems. - Begins with a general overview of TCP/IP networking with background information on applicable networking standards. Followed by a detailed tour of |TCP/IP implemation in Linux 2.6 by following a packet of data as it flows through the stack.

cover Principles of Digital Communication systems and computer networks. - Designed as a textbook for courses on digital communication systems, data communication, computer networks and mobile computing.

cover SVG Programming: The Graphical Web (Professional Design Series)


cover Elementary Game Programming and Simulators using jamagic - this is a commercial program with a scripting laguage for quickly developing games

cover Mathematics for 3D Game Programming. - Second edition provides new information on illumination, collision detection, polygonal techniques. New chapters cover rendering pipeline, shadows, numerical methods, and curves and surfaces.

cover Practical Java Game Development. Case studies from existing Java game projects. Written for Java programmers new to game development.

cover Programming Believable Characters for computer games - tutorial based approach. Looks at AI tasks for developing artificial gaming companions and opponents with human-like complex behaviors.

cover Patterns in Game Design. - Gives aspiring game developers with the tools they need to really understand how games are made.Provides a method for discussing game play.

cover AI Game Engine Programming. - The book provides the knowlage and techniques needed to create an AI engine.

cover Ant: The Java Build Tool in Practice.

cover AI Application Programming.

cover A Practical Guide to Curl.

cover us uk de jp fr ca Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics

cover The Theory of Spinors. Elie Cartan.

cover Lie Groups for Pedestrians.

cover Ethereal Packet Sniffing.


cover The Art of C++.

cover Visualizing Information Using SVG and X3D

cover Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics...cover Applied Geometry for Computer Graphics...cover Geometry for Computer Graphics:...

Complex, Contact and Symmetric...


X3D: Extensible 3D Graphics for Web...

0306483319 - Complete handbook of the Internet

flag flag flag flag flag flag Deep Down Things: The Breathtaking Beauty of Particle Physics - If you dont want any equations then this is a good and readable introduction to quantum theory and related mathematics such as Lie groups, Gauge Theory, etc.


cover SUSE Linux 10 Bible.

cover Lagrangian Dynamics

cover The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements: Book 1.


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