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cover 3D Game Creation - Includes 2 ready to use game engines, not much theory.
cover If you are interested in 3D games, this looks like a good book to have on the shelf. If, like me, you want to have know the theory and how it is derived then there is a lot for you here. Including - Graphics pipeline, scenegraph, picking, collision detection, bezier curves, surfaces, key frame animation, level of detail, terrain, quadtrees & octtrees, special effects, numerical methods. Includes CDROM with code.

cover 3D Games: Advanced Real-time Rendering
cover 3d Games:Volume 1: Real-time Rendering - Written around engine 'fly3d'. Includes Bezier + B-spline curves, kinematics, using quaternions to represent rotation, collision detection (not response) so physics needs to be pre-scripted.
cover Patterns in Game Design. - Gives aspiring game developers with the tools they need to really understand how games are made.Provides a method for discussing game play.
cover Game Design for Teens.
cover Game Developer's Open Source Handbook (Paperback).
cover Game Programming All in One - If you are using Visual C++ and direct 3D this book claims to teach you all you need to start to write games (does not use managed C++)

The 3D Gamemaker

cover Elementary Game Programming and Simulators using jamagic - this is a commercial program with a scripting laguage for quickly developing games http://www.clickteam.com/English/jamagic.htm
cover Game Programming for Teens.

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cover This book introduces 3D concepts, VRML, Java3D, MPEG4/BIFS, and X3D. It is a very good introduction to the theory, The writers have an in depth knowledge due to their involvement in the standards making. This is a good book to help you choose which 3D open standards to use and to give you a good insight into these standards. It is probably not for those who want a basic introduction to 3D or for these who want a step-by-step programming in 3D book.

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