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Inserting a node

To insert a node you need to use the 'add view'. If this view is not on you screen click on the insert icon, If you intend to add several nodes its probably worth rearranging the windows so that they don't overlap which speeds up the work. Select the type of node where you want to insert in the tree view (ie the parent), it will change to blue, in the 'add view' will then be displayed all the node types it is valid to insert under the selected node. In this case we have selected the scene_transform node as the parent.

So in the following example, there are no nodes loaded already, click '+' to bring up 'add view'.

Now, in the 'add view' select the node that you want to add, in this case a transformGroup node. Note that only valid child nodes for the selected parent will be displayed.

To insert the node click on the insert icon in the add view.

The node has now been added. If the 'select when added' box was checked the background bean will now be selected in the tree view. If you entered an 'optional name the new node will have that name.

We can now add other nodes under the node already added, so we will add a shape3d node:

Note that 'add view' now displays only the nodes which can be added under a shape3d node.

In this case we have chosen 'cone' and click on '+' in 'add view'.

We can now close the 'add view' for now.

Note that these nodes are displayed with their default parameters.

We can change any of the parameters by clicking on 'add' next to the parameter name to give it a specific value.

We can now change the value of the parameter.

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