mjbWorld program - Tutorial

Editing Graphically 1 - Selecting Sphere

In the 3D frame you can select objects by clicking on them. For example try clicking on the sphere.

Note that when you click on the sphere to select it a white frame is drawn around it, notice that the corresponding TransformGroup is selected and brought into view in the tree frame.

There are two ways to select a node, you can either select it in the tree frame or the 3D frame. Either way, both frames will keep in step.

Graphically editing 2 - Moveing the Sphere

The first time you click on an item it is selected, the second time allows you to drag the object around. In the example above the sphere has been dragged behind the cube. This automatically modifies the parameters of the TransformGroup.

Graphically editing 3 - Selecting the cube

Now select the cube, again just click on it in either panel and the other will be automatically updated.

Graphically editing 4 - Rotate the cube

To rotate the cube click on the xy Icon to select the rotate tool. then click on the cube and drag it up,down,left and right to rotate it in different directions.

Graphically editing 5 - Zooming the cube

You can move the cube toward and away from the viewer, to do this click on the zoom icon . Then drag the mouse up and down.

In the view above the cube is just moving behind the sphere.

Deforming an Object 1

Draging the red corners allows the shape to be deformed in any direction.

Deforming an Object 2

Clicking the mesh edit tool allows you to see and edit the individual vertexes The vertexes can only be dragged on an Indexed face node.


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