mjbWorld program - User guide - Particle System Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use mjbWorld to produce particle systems. For possible uses of particle systems see here.

Note: This implementation uses PointArray (with anti-aliased points). This has the following advantages and disadvantages:



I am planning to produce another type of Particle System Bean to use OrientedShape3Ds. So that users can choose which method would best meet their needs. I am also planning to allow multiple generatorBeans and attactorBeans under the particleArrayBean to allow more complex effects.

First start the program (if you don't have a copy of the program go here). Use the '+' button to open the 'add view', select 'particleArrayBean' and add it to the tree view (by clicking on + in the add view or by dragging it).

Select the particleArrayBean in the tree view, this will bring up its properties in the properties view.

Also startup the 3D view by clicking its front view.

Now add the 'timeline view' so that we can control the animation.

Press 'play' to run the animation.

You can also use 'stop','rewind','pause' and the 'step' buttons in the timeline window to control the animation.

The best way to understand the properties is to try different values and see what effect this has in the 3D view.

The parameters that you can select and modify are:


When you are happy with the animation, you can either save it as a .WRL file, which can only be used by this program, or you could export it to Java3d source, so that you could produce a stand alone java program.

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