Comparison of Publicly available Java/VRML editors

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Note: I'm having trouble opening the TAR files on the Sun site, so I can't check the details. My copy of WinZip won't open them. Could anyone convert to Zip files for me?

So this is my best understanding of the program features:

features mjbWorld CyberToolBox YouBuildItVR Ray Trace Particles SPL Viz
Load from VRML97 yes yes no      
Save to VRML97 yes yes no      
Edit graphically in Java3D window (pick, drag, rotate, zoom) yes no        
Edit in tree window yes yes        
Scripting using Java no          
Scripting using JavaScript no          
Scripting using CBT no yes        
Raytracing no     yes    
Particle System no       yes  

Behaviors determined by physical properties

(mass, momentum, etc.)

working on it          
texture supported not yet          
mesh editor not yet          
inverse kinematics not yet          

How could these programs be developed? see white paper.