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EuclideanSpace - building a 3D world

Telecoms Information about computer networks and protocols. Especially the evolution of protocols from bi-sync, sdlc and x.25
Technology Technology such as computer hardware.
Art     Music and the MIDI standard

mjbWorld is a standards based 3D editor which allows you to create 3D worlds by graphically selecting and dragging objects on the screen. Supports X3D, VRML and there are versions for Java, C# and C++/Qt

XES allows source code to be encoded in XML form. The ultimate aim is to avoid the need to convert all the programs onto this site into many languages.

Kontent allows information about a web site to be coded. Not really a 3D program but I need a way to manage the information on this site.


3D Maths theory including geometry and algebra such as Matrices, Quaternions, Euler angles, etc.

3D Physics theory including Newtons laws, collisions, etc.

3D Animation and rendering and other theory relevant to 3D.


Writing games Tutorials for people who know a computer language and would like to start writing games.

Building a model Tutorials for people starting to use 3D modelling tools.

Using the program

please contribute to the discussion Forum for the program.

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