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AERO - A Physically Based Simulation and Animation System

(UNIX - written in C)

AERO is a tool for editing and simulating scenes with rigid body systems. You can use the built-in 4-view editor to create a virtual scene consisting of spheres, cuboids, cylinders, planes and fix points. You can link these objects with rods, springs, dampers and bolt joints and you can connect forces to the objects. Then you can begin the simulation and everything starts moving according to the laws of physics (gravitation, friction, collisions). The simulation can be viewed as animated wire frame graphics. In addition you can use the POV-Ray raytracing program to render photo-realistic animation sequences. At the moment, AERO exists as an X-Windows program called xaero. It runs on most Unix compatible machines including Linux PCs, SUN-, DEC-, SGI-, HP-, and IBM-Workstations. or commercial physics engine

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physics FAQ

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Two-dimensional Collisions applet

Finite Element Analysis(FEA)

Dynamo - c++ physics library

Finite Element Analysis(FEA)


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HyperMatter technology

This is highly applicable to the highly deformable colliding objects









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Mechanical Impact Dynamics: Rigid Body Collisions
By Brach, Raymond M.

Online Price:
$89.95 Hardcover

List Price: $89.95
Published by John Wiley & Sons
Date Published: 04/1991
ISBN: 0471508454

Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks

This useful work presents the methods of analysis of a wide range of design problems relating to impact, such as in robotics and machines. Covers mechanisms including linkages, transfer mechanisms and positioning devices. Also discusses unintended impact of vibrations. Includes the basics of particle dynamics and rigid body collisions with examples throughout.

Chaotic Mechanics in Systems with Impacts and Friction
By Blazejczyk-Okolewska, Barbara / Czolczynski, Krzysztof / et al.

Online Price:
$44.00 Hardcover

List Price: $44.00
200 Pages
Published by World Scientific Publishing Company
Date Published: 05/1999
ISBN: 9810237162

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Cime : Computers in Mechanical Engineering, Volumes 1 and 2

Online Price:
$70.00 Softcover

List Price: $70
Published by America Society of Mechanical Engineers
Date Published: 12/1983
ISBN: 9994717448

Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks

Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems
By Marion, Jerry B. / Thornton, Stephen T.

Online Price:
$111.50 Hardcover

List Price: $111.5
Published by Holt Rinehart and Winston
Date Published: 01/1995
ISBN: 0030973023

Computer Aided Engineering for Mechanical Engineers
By Edney, R.

Online Price:
$58.00 Softcover

List Price: $58
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 12/1991
ISBN: 0131617877

Computer-Aided Kinetics for Machine Design (Mechanical Engineering, 7)
By Ryan, Daniel L.

Online Price:
$59.75 Hardcover

List Price: $59.75
600 Pages
Published by Marcel Dekker
Date Published: 06/1981
ISBN: 0824714210

Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks

Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics, Second Edition
By Bedford, Anthony / Fowler, Wallace

Online Price:
$74.95 Hardcover

List Price: $74.95
600 Pages
Published by Addison Wesley
Date Published: 11/1998
ISBN: 0201180715

Usually ships in 3 to 4 business days

Available January '99! Addison-Wesley is pleased to announce the imminent publication of Anthony Bedford and Wallace Fowler's Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, Second Edition. The revised textbook will be published in November 1998, available in time for January '99 classes. This book has quickly earned a place in Engineering schools across the country because it teaches engineering mechanics the way a good instructor would. Hallmark Features Problem Solving Uses a "Strategy-Solution-Discussion" problem-solving methodology that explains how to approach problems, solve them, and critically judge the results Visualization Stresses the importance of visual analysis, especially the use of free-body diagrams Develops figures gradually and employs "ghosting" techniques to clarify and emphasize concepts-- emulating the way an instructor teaches Applications Places engineering mechanics within the context of engineering practice by including applications from many fields of engineering Introduces design principles with the "Application to Engineering" feature using concepts developed in preceding sections of the chapter New Features Visualization Provides more free-body diagrams to many of the worked examples Separates most of the diagrams showing velocities, accelerations, and forces intoa free-body diagram showing the forces and a kinematic diagram showing the accelerations Content Extends the discussion of normal and tangential components in Chapter 2 to include three- dimensional motion Includes a revised discussion of reference frames throughout the text, especially in Chapters 2 and 6 Improves the discussion of impulsive forces in Chapter 5 Improves the discussion of 2D rigid-body kinematics in Chapter 6 Expands and improves the discussion of D'Alembert's principle in Chapter 7 Provides a revised and improved discussion of angular impulse and momentum in Chapter 8 Expands the discussion of 3D rigid body dynamics in Chapter 9 and provides new examples and problems Offers several new examples throughout the text including more of the popular feature, "Application to Engineering" Includes more than 20% new and revised end-of-chapter problems Organization Presents section on Orbital Mechanics in Chapter 3 Other Provides a thoroughly revised solution manual written by Wallace Fowler

Foundations of Mechanical Engineering
By Sherwin, Keith

Online Price:
$45.95 Softcover

List Price: $45.95
Published by Kluwer Academic Publishing
Date Published: 9/1996
ISBN: 0412616009

Usually ships in 5 to 6 weeks.
CD-ROM included.

Computer-aided analysis of rigid and flexible mechanical systems
Pereira et al
ISBN 0792 328396

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